How it works
  • Using the square footage guide select the area you wish to showcase, then simply email us!
  • We will contact you to get a more detailed description of the space you would like to showcase
  • Before we arrive please using the planning suggestions on how to 'dress' your space
  • On the day of the shoot our camera operative will arrive at the location to scan the space and once the scan is complete they will return to the office and we will begin to build your model
  • We will then email you the link to your model containing the VR walkthroughs, 360s, pictures and links - you can even use the embedded link to host on your own website!
Planning Suggestions:


  • Turn on all lights (make sure all bulbs are working!)
  • Open all blinds and curtains
  • Turn off all computer/TV screens
  • Remove any private / personal items & paperwork
  • Make sure all areas to be scanned are presented in a way you are happy with
  • Remove all unwanted items such as bins, boxes etc
  • Please ensure during scanning - all areas are clear of staff or customers


  • Turn on all lights & lamps (replace bulbs where required!)
  • Open all blinds and curtains
  • Clean or remove small items that you don't want scanned
  • Turn off all computer / TV screens
  • Remove any personal items and if you have pets remove their toys, bowls & beds
  • Remove all dishes, cloths and cleaning items from the kitchen
  • Remove all toiletries and other small items from the bathrooms to de-clutter as much as possible
  • Fluff the cushions, clear any paperwork and de-clutter as much as possible